November Holidays

Thanksgiving Day (USA) is the fourth Thursday in November.

November 1
Day of Revolution, Algeria
State Day, Antigua and Barbuda
All Saints Day (Christian)
National Anthem Day, Panama

November 3
Independence Day, Dominica
Independence of Cuenca, Ecuador
Culture Day, Japan
Independence Day, Micronesia
Independence Day, Panama

November 4
National Unity Day, Italy
Constitution Day, Tonga

November 5
Independence Day, El Salvador
Guy Fawkes Day, UK

November 6
Flag Day, Chad
Flag Day, Dominican Republic
Swedish Day, Finland
Green March Anniversary, Morocco
Gustavus Adolphus Death Day, Sweden

November 7
Revolution Day, Bulgaria
Queen's Birthday, Nepal
October Revolution, Russia
Ben Ali Takeover Anniversary. Tunisia

November 9
Thanksgiving Day, Liberia (Varies)
Independence Day, Cambodia
Flag Day, Dominica

November 10
Flag Day, Guniea
Death of Ataturk, Turkey

November 11
Independence Day, Angola
Armistice Day, Belgium
King's Birthday, Bhutan
Rememberance/Armistice Day: British Commonwealth, UK, Canada, and France
Independence of Cartagena, Colombia
Republic Day, Maldives
Independence Day, Poland
Veterans Day, USA

November 12
Sun Yat Sen's Birthday, China and Taiwan

November 15
Dynasty Day, Belgium
Republic Proclamation Day, Brazil

November 16
Flag Day, Benin
Rebirth Day, Estonia
Gustavus Adolphus Death Day, Sweden

November 17
Memorial Day, Germany
Constitution Day, Macedonia
Flag Day, Morocco
Armed Forces Day, Zaire

November 18
Army Day, Haiti
Republic Day, Latvia
Independence Day, Morocco
Sultan's Birthday, Oman
Flag Day, Solomon Islands

November 19
Garifuna Day, Belize
Flag Day, Brazil
Coup d'Etat Day, Mali
Prince Ranier's Birthday, Monaco
Discovery Day, Puerto Rico

November 20
Revolution Day, Mexico

November 21
World Hello Day
Flag Day, Zaire

November 22
Independence Day, Lebanon

November 23
Labor Thanksgiving Day, Japan
Flag Day, Niger

November 24
Anniversary of New Regime, Zaire

November 25
Independence Day, Surinam

November 26
Republic Day, Chad
Flag Day, Colombia

November 27
Flag Day, Paraguay

November 28
Independence Day, Mauritania
Independence Day, Panama

November 29
Liberation Day, Albania
William Tubman's Birthday, Liberia
Unity Day, Vanuatu
Republic Day, Yugoslavia

November 30
Independence Day, Barbados
Name Change Day, Benin
Flag Day, Bolivia
National Heroes' Day, Philippines
St. Andrew's Day, Scotland
Flag Day, Vietnam
Independence Day, Yemen