The Official Moron Test

Are You a Moron?

This short, simple, infallible test will help determine whether or not you have what it takes to call yourself a Moron, and whether you're entitled to all the benefits and privileges accruing thereto.

No #2 Pencil required!  No other test does that!

Check all statements that apply.  Do not begin until the proctor has said to. 

The proctor says to.


I have poured orange juice over my cereal.

I have pushed doors marked pull.

I have locked myself out of my car.

I have brushed my teeth with skin lotion or rubbed toothpaste into my skin.

I have left my car headlights on and killed my battery.

I have overslept because I set my alarm for PM.

I have pulled doors marked push.

I have said some unbelievably inappropriate things at incredibly inappropriate moments.

I have gotten myself caught in my fly (men), or I have tucked my skirt into my pantyhose after leaving the bathroom (women).

I have walked smack into patio doors or picture windows.

I have done a lot of things I'm glad aren't included on this quiz.

I have done the following thing which I give you permission to post on the "Moronic Tales" page:

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