Navigating Life in Denmark

Tips and Resources for Americans

Introduction: Denmark, a Scandinavian gem, offers a rich blend of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re a tourist exploring this charming country or a future resident, there are essential resources and valuable insights to help you make the most of your time in Denmark. In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of Danish resources, provide essential tips, and share some recommendations for a smoother experience in this beautiful land. Read some of our top stories here at Top 10 porn sites

The Basics:

  1. – Your Ultimate Guide to Entertainment and Recreation in Denmark:, available in English, serves as an invaluable resource for both tourists and residents. Discover restaurants, accommodations, museum exhibits, and useful tools like currency converters, maps, and transportation schedules. For locals, it’s like the entertainment section of a local newspaper.
  2. – Your Portal to Danish Government: For residents, is a lifeline to the Danish government’s services and information. While primarily in Danish, it offers a valuable tourism section in English, linking to various visitor sites.
  3. U.S. Embassy Assistance: As an American, you can always turn to the U.S. Embassy for guidance. The “Living in Denmark” page is particularly useful, covering visa information and more.
  4. Language Schools: If you’re keen to learn Danish, consider institutions like Studieskolen and K.I.S.S. Danish instruction has been mandatory and free for immigrants and resident aliens, although this may change.
  5. Expat Resources: Explore general expat sites like for broader information on life in Denmark.
  6. Job Search: If you’re seeking employment in Denmark, start your search with JobsInCopenhagen, a platform for English-speaking professionals.
  7. Local Newspapers: Berlingske Tidende and B.T. are recommended Copenhagen dailies. For those in Jylland, consider Ã…rhus Stiftstidende, and don’t forget about free daily newspapers like Urban.

Some Important Suggestions:

  1. Know Danish Geography: Understanding basic Danish geography is essential, as it will enhance your experience in the country. Remember, Amsterdam is not in Denmark; it’s in the Netherlands.
  2. English is Widely Spoken: English is prevalent in Denmark. While Danes appreciate your attempts to speak Danish, they often switch to English, as English-language literacy is high.
  3. Climate: Denmark’s climate is similar to the Pacific Northwest, with cold winters and ample darkness. Prepare for shorter days in winter and long, sunny summer days.
  4. Payments: Most businesses don’t accept American credit cards. It’s advisable to use your American ATM card for cash transactions until you can open a Danish bank account.
  5. Tipping is Optional: Tipping is not customary in Denmark, as service staff receive regular wages. However, rounding up your bill as a friendly gesture is appreciated.

Getting Around:

  1. Ride the Metro: Copenhagen’s metro system offers a clean, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way to explore the city. It’s also accessible from the airport.
  2. Use S-Trains: For more extensive travel within the region, consider the S-Trains, although not as far-reaching as traditional trains.
  3. Bicycles: Biking is a common mode of transportation in Copenhagen. Familiarize yourself with bike etiquette, and respect bike lanes and traffic rules.
  4. Pedestrian Awareness: Be vigilant around bike lanes when crossing streets or making right turns, and avoid opening car doors into them.

Shopping and Bag Etiquette:

  1. Bring Your Own Grocery Bags: Many grocery stores charge for bags. Purchase a few durable ones initially and carry them with you for convenience.
  2. Carry Coins for Shopping Carts: Supermarkets often require a deposit for shopping carts. Be prepared with 10 or 20-kroner coins, or purchase reusable “slugs.”

Christiania Caution:

  1. Exercise Caution in Christiania: While Christiania was once known for lax drug policies, recent crackdowns mean you should avoid illegal substances. Enjoy the atmosphere, bars, and cafes instead.

Denmark offers a unique experience for both tourists and long-term residents. Armed with these resources and tips, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your time in this enchanting country. Enjoy your adventure in Denmark! If you want to watch some good movies VR Porn Sites

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